February 1, 2022

Reflecting on Our Home Health Patients During National Patient Recognition Week

February 1 marks the start of National Patient Recognition Week, and this week, PQHH is recognizing the estimated 3.5 million seniors who reply upon Medicare home health services. Home healthcare is an essential care option for many patients who are often among the Medicare program’s sickest and most vulnerable.

On average, home health patients are older, sicker, and have fewer financial resources than other Medicare patients. About 25 percent of home health patients are over the age of 85. They also tend to be sicker, with over 43 percent having five or more chronic conditions compared to 21.6 percent of all Medicare patients. With such a vulnerable population, it is vital that each patient have access to quality home healthcare that will allow them to safely recover from a hospital stay.

For so many patients, home health care is a preferred care option in their journey of recovery: According to data, over 90 percent of home health users were satisfied or very satisfied with their care. However, 92 percent of home health users experienced trouble getting needed care, meaning there’s still work to do in serving these patients.

As we reflect on the senior citizens we are able to assist through cost-effective, patient preferred, clinically advanced care in the home this week, our community is honored to be trusted with the care of so many by older Americans and their families.