September 11, 2019

You Took Action During August Recess: Now It Is Congress’ Turn!

During August recess, home health advocates, like you, made sure their Members of Congress heard about the proposed cuts to Medicare home health services and bipartisan legislation that can protect our most vulnerable seniors’ care.

Unless Congress takes action, home health services will experience an 8.01% base rate reduction adjustment, which would translate to a $1.298 billion cut in home health payments in 2020 alone. Significant cuts of this nature could result in harmful service disruptions for the more than 3.5 million American seniors relying on Medicare home health services.

Thanks to your hard work, lawmakers received more than 1,000 emails about the bipartisan Home Health Payment Innovation Act and a dozen letters appeared in newspapers across the country in August alone!

Now that Congress is back on Capitol Hill, it is time for lawmakers to take action and join their 77 bipartisan colleagues who have already co-sponsored this critical legislation.

You can help to move this bill forward by emailing your lawmakers today. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.