February 27, 2023

WATCH: Quality Home Health Services Allow Mrs. Alice to Recover at Home 

Before her stroke, Alice Mills was fully independent. She was driving, doing her own grocery shopping, and living in the apartment she had called home for twenty-two years. After her medical emergency, she spent three months in a skilled nursing facility. Ms. Alice has since returned to the home she loves, but her steep decline meant that she continues to need skilled healthcare services to ensure her journey to recovery. 

Now, with the high-quality, clinically advanced services from her home healthcare team, Ms. Alice is recovering from the ordeal in the safety and comfort of her home: 

Older Americans and their loved ones overwhelmingly consider access to home healthcare an essential care option while recovering from a hospital stay or in need of continued treatment for an acute or chronic health problem. Home health is not only popular but it’s also proven to be safe and incredibly cost-effective.  

After three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the demand for home health has risen exponentially, and as America’s aging population significantly expands, home health will continue to be the preferred and most effective option for ensuring our seniors’ health and safety. Home health allows patients and their care providers to build a strong relationship in a comfortable home setting and prevents unnecessary and costly hospital visits through dedicated care.  

As the new Congress convenes, we encourage lawmakers to recognize the incredible value that home health offers our most vulnerable seniors, their families, and our healthcare system. And we look forward to working with all lawmakers to protect and strengthen the Medicare Home Health Benefit.