October 14, 2021

The $8.3B ‘avoidable ED visit’ disease has a cure: Choose Home

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McKnight's Home Care

To fully understand why the U.S. healthcare system is spending $4 trillion a year, or 18% of its gross domestic product (GDP), on a delivery system that is failing to meet our nation’s needs, listen to the stories of Robert and Martha. Both come from different social situations, and have cost Medicare, Medicaid, and the U.S. taxpayers significant, yet preventable, dollars in the last years of their lives.

Robert was a 68-year-old with no family. He lived alone in a small apartment on the fourth floor with no elevator and no air conditioning.  Summer made the smell of mold in his apartment even worse. There was stale food in the refrigerator and no means of cooking or obtaining regular meals. His neighbors rarely checked on him, so Robert called 911 every few days.

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