June 29, 2024

Medicare cuts jeopardize home health care option for Tennesseans. Pass this bipartisan bill.

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The Tennessean

Several years ago, my mother-in-law, collapsed getting out of bed.

Several trips to the ER later, she was diagnosed with a serious staph infection, which eventually led to sepsis. She was hospitalized for weeks.

The situation was scary and stressful, but also complicated. My mother-in-law, at the time, was the primary caregiver for her 90-year-old mother, and once she was in the clear, she was eager to get home and resume caretaking duties. Home health gave her the option to recover from that ordeal at home, not only where she wanted to be, but also where she needed to be to care for her mother.

I have watched other family members benefit from home health. A great-aunt recovered from knee surgery at home where her sister could support her. During flu season, a grandmother recovered from hip surgery at home instead of a rehabilitation facility. In these situations, it occurred to me that not only was home the preferred recovery setting, but it was also the safest option for these vulnerable patients.

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