The Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare represents community- and hospital-based, non-profit and propriety home healthcare agencies nationwide, which provide clinically advanced, cost-effective, skilled home healthcare services to treat acute illness, long-term health conditions, permanent disability, and terminal illness in communities across America.

Meridian83642ID-1Abode Healthcare
NAMPA83687ID-1Encompass Health Home Health
FRUITLAND83619ID-1Encompass Health Home Health
Coeur D Alene83814ID-1Kindred at Home
Meridian83642-1026ID-1LHC Group
Coeur D'Alene83815-9405ID-1LHC Group
IDAHO FALLS83404ID-2Encompass Health Home Health
REXBURG83440ID-2Encompass Health Home Health
POCATELLO83201ID-2Encompass Health Home Health
TWIN FALLS83301ID-2Encompass Health Home Health
POCATELLO83201ID-2Encompass Health Home Health
BOISE83706ID-2Encompass Health Home Health
Twin Falls83301-6105ID-2LHC Group
Gooding83330-1343ID-2LHC Group
60643-6700IL-1LHC Group
60089IL-10Kindred at Home
62208-2034IL-12LHC Group
62864-6760IL-12LHC Group
62864-6566IL-12LHC Group
62040-4713IL-12LHC Group
62278-1322IL-12LHC Group
62959-4876IL-12LHC Group
62226-1524IL-12LHC Group
62864-6736IL-12LHC Group
62703IL-13Encompass Health Home Health
61820-7357IL-13LHC Group
62704IL-13Elara Caring
60140IL-14Kindred at Home
60031-9176IL-14LHC Group
62230-1096IL-15LHC Group
61201IL-17Kindred at Home
61401-2515IL-17LHC Group
61443-3447IL-17LHC Group
60914IL-2Encompass Health Home Health
60461-1032IL-2LHC Group
60803-6307IL-3LHC Group
60463IL-3Elara Caring
60463IL-3Elara Caring
60523IL-5Kindred at Home
60187-5239IL-6Team Select Home Care
60018IL-9Encompass Health Home Health
60018IL-9Elara Caring
60018IL-9Elara Caring
46375IN-1Encompass Health Home Health
46383-2502IN-1LHC Group
46383IN-1Elara Caring
46350-5323IN-2LHC Group
46516IN-2Elara Caring
46628IN-2Elara Caring
46825IN-3Abode Healthcare
46825-1603IN-3LHC Group
46582-9043IN-3LHC Group
46804IN-3Elara Caring
46804IN-3Elara Caring
46902IN-4Abode Healthcare
46123IN-4Kindred at Home
46947-3150IN-4LHC Group
46168IN-4Elara Caring
46902IN-4Elara Caring
47905IN-4Elara Caring
46032IN-5Abode Healthcare
46250IN-5Kindred at Home
46952-1300IN-5LHC Group
47305IN-6Kindred at Home
47374-6031IN-6LHC Group
47201-6214IN-6LHC Group
47304-6361IN-6LHC Group
47711-5976IN-8LHC Group
47542-1360IN-8LHC Group
47802IN-8Elara Caring
46143IN-9Kindred at Home
47150-4604IN-9LHC Group
47130-3623IN-9LHC Group
67501KS-1Encompass Health Home Health
67401KS-1Encompass Health Home Health
66616KS-2Elara Caring
66611KS-2Encompass Health Home Health
66206KS-3Elara Caring
66215KS-3Encompass Health Home Health
66210KS-3Kindred at Home
67226KS-4Encompass Health Home Health
42240KY-1Kindred at Home
42240-8725KY-1LHC Group
42041-1531KY-1LHC Group
42445-6106KY-1LHC Group
42347-1416KY-1LHC Group
42431-2136KY-1LHC Group
42211-6520KY-1LHC Group
42420-5224KY-1LHC Group
42025-1240KY-1LHC Group
42066-3306KY-1LHC Group
42167-1130KY-1LHC Group
42134-2371KY-1LHC Group