June 16, 2017

Father’s Day: A Reminder of the Importance of Spending Time at Home with Family

With Father’s Day approaching, the important role family plays in an individual’s daily life, particularly as a person ages, becomes impossible to overlook. As American families grow and seniors transition from the role of parent to grandparent (or even great grandparent!), the ability to celebrate comfortably with family becomes more and more central. On holidays like this one, spending time at home with loved ones is often a priority in maintaining a happy quality of life.

Whether it be watching a young grandchild run in the yard or enjoying a meal with a beloved son or daughter, seniors want to be able to spend time with the families they have spent their lives building. And with the help of the Medicare skilled home health services, this becomes possible for millions of older Americans as they age.

America’s fathers and grandfathers should have the choice to age at home, so they can spend holidays in the homes where familial memories were created, not in unfamiliar environments such as hospitals or nursing facilities. The Partnership will continue to work to ensure access to quality home healthcare for seniors so they can spend special days like this in the comfort of their own homes!