June 7, 2019

Rand Paul continues to fight to protect home health care for Kentucky patients

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Louisville Courier Journal

Across Kentucky people value strong communities, proximity to friends and loved ones, and the freedom to live as they choose. From Abraham Lincoln to Loretta Lynn, Kentucky is blessed with a heritage of heroes who enshrined a unique way of life in everything they did, which included strong values with an emphasis on family and home.

But if the federal government has its way, Kentuckians may have a harder time accessing the home health care services that data show patients prefer.

New regulations scheduled to go into effect next year could make it harder for patients throughout the state to be treated in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, which could drive seniors into high-cost in-patient settings away from their families and communities.

To protect access to this valuable option for Kentuckians on Medicare, we must stand up for home health care by urging Congress to pass bipartisan home health legislation sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul.

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