April 7, 2020

Joanne Cunningham of the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare Speaks on COVID-19 (VIDEO)

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Managed Healthcare Executive

MHE video chats with Joanne Cunningham, executive director of the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare, on the latest with COVID-19 and how healthcare workers and patients are being affected.

MHE: Can you tell us about the Partnership and who you represent?

Cunningham: The Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare is a coalition of many of the national home health companies with large footprints across the nation. They care for tens of thousands of patients and are in many, many of the 50 states. Their focus is on ensuring the highest quality home health program and pursuing policy to promote patient care, ensure program integrity, and enhance quality.

MHE: The Partnership released a report today that said America’s home healthcare workers are an untapped resource in the time of COVID-19. Can you tell us the major findings of the report?

Cunningham: It was a report that we along with the National Association for Home Care and Hospice released, and its focus was essentially the role that the home health community can play in helping to combat and mitigate the COVID-19 crisis, essentially by tapping and unleashing the home health sector to be sort of a safety valve for the hospital and institutional sector, and helping to manage more patients who can appropriately be cared for in the home.

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