May 20, 2019

Congress: Support legislation to defend Medicare home health

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The Hill

Since the start of the 116th Congress, reducing prescription drug-pricing has been a focal point for many lawmakers on Capitol Hill–and rightfully so. Legislative initiatives that strive to lower the cost of care should be applauded.

Yet as many policymakers and the wider public continue to focus on lowering the high costs of drugs, it’s easy to let other health care access issues fly under the radar. Case in point, a recently proposed reform to the Medicare program’s home health benefit that threatens the health care needs of millions of vulnerable seniors across the country.

To better comprehend the significance of these reforms, it’s important to first understand the home health benefit and the 3.5 million Americans it serves. As an indispensable pillar of support for patients in need of assistance to treat acute or chronic health problems, the Medicare home health benefit has proved critical care for patients with certain disabilities who have difficulty accessing outpatient care facilities and for others returning home after a hospital stay.

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